Multiplayer Games

Falling Sand

A relaxing sandbox game.


A social-deduction game playable online with your friends.

MIT License

📵🐺 Offline Werewolf

Offline Werewolf is a server-free, standalone spin on the Mafia/Werewolf formula.

MIT License

📵 Offline Spyfall

Offline Spyfall is a server-free, standalone game inspired by Spyfall that can be played without an internet connection.

MIT License

Solo games

🦊 Renard

Renard is a prototype for a terminal-based puzzle-adventure game.

🧱 Blocks

That tetromino game.

MIT License

Node Flood (2017)

Node Flood is a turn-based 2D puzzle game in which you are pitched against an artificial intelligence trying to infect your network.

MIT License