Remap your Cuphead controls for a better experience

Cuphead is an awesome game, but it is also extremely hard. Each level will try your reflexes, and the slightest mistake will be severely punished. While everything in the game is trying to kill you, I have found that you may be able to perform better just by remapping your controls.

While pretty standard, the default controller mapping is rather inefficient as it involves hogging your precious right thumb on the Shoot button, keeping it away from the special attack button and making the jumps awkward.

For a more comfortable experience, try the following mapping:

Controller Mapping

  • The shooting buttons are moved to the triggers - which are always accessible.
  • Jumping and dashing are handled by your right thumb.
  • Moving and locking are both controlled by your left hand.

This new mapping has helped me finish a handful of bosses that were giving me a hard time. Good luck!